Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Tableaux and Big, Big, Trucks

Work on the tableaux class (for MA76) continues- for details, check out the big bad Mathworld. (BTW- Eric Weisstein is a math god) That's what a tableaux is- what I have to do is make r-tuples of them, with entries from 1 to n. If that doesn't make any sense, don't worry- Luckjohn said it best (from a CompSci viewpoint anyway) as something resembling `a linked-list, and another one, and about another half of one.' I'm paraphrasing, of course- 256 characters of 150-proof profanity just doesn't sit well right now.

On to the coolest damn thing of today. As some of you know, I'm into a bit of what psychiatrists like to call an "overly-obsessive-in-a-kinda-freaky-way phase" regarding Cowboy Bebop . And the good person at Big-Big-Truck.com (thank you so much for being alive, Ek) is sitting right there, with one of the most impressive fansites EVER to help me feed my addiction. Here was the clincher for me-

I want you to imagine the following movie: Godfather of Soul James Brown is on the run from the law, with a bounty on his head. He steals the Blues Brothers' car and a wild chase ensues down the streets of Chicago. Except the cops after him are the guys from CHiPS. And Spike is in pursuit overhead in the Swordfish. Oh, and it's 1975. Get the picture? Good, because What Planet Is This is the theme song for THAT MOVIE. When I turned up the volume, the horn section LEAPED OUT OF MY SPEAKERS AND ATE ME ALIVE.

This is the kind of writing that impresses the hell out of me- especially when it's about music. And not only that, but Ek does art, and video, and everything! Ek's got t-shirts and everything!

Okay, so I'm just kindof stupid giddy with somebody who does a touch-up of "Nighthawks", or "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" with CB characters, and does it really cool, even. Well tough. Back to the tableaux-mines for this little code-dwarf . . .

All I ever wanted to be was a
Woolly Muffler, on your naked neck.
Double-wrap me when it's cold.
-- Woolly Muffler,
Harvey Danger

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