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Adios for time being -

Remember how I kept promising people interview questions? And how I've kept not giving them to you? Yeah, sorry eh - I still don't have them, but I will. Many moons from now . . .

I have to move bed and computer over to the new place, since power is on now; the good news is that the ASS-Shower™ is forfeit for the foreseeable future (by which I mean, forever. F-O-R-E-V-E-R.)

The bad news is that I won't have internet access until the 23rd of July. Which means no posting, no e-mail, no nothin' [de]. In a way, I hope you miss the postings - most people don't comment much, and I like to think (in the back of my dilthy, addled brain) that perhaps my on-line friends takes some sort of perverse joy in examining the electronic machinations of a depraved, geek-a-licious madman. Or that they like what I write - you know, whichever.

I have to be in court on the 21st and 22nd, and I leave for North Carolina on either Friday or Saturday of that week. Which means I may not post for a really, really, really long time. Such is life - I figure it will be good for me. I can do not-the-internet things for a while. Luckjohn will remain plugged-in over here for the time being, however.

Will be missing y'all,


PS - Luckjohn wants you to interview him, a lá the anoisblue interview meme. He's bored, and would like the challenge. I say - challenge him righteously. By which I mean, "kill him with your perverse questioning" :-D

PPS - I <3 ,
\forall I \in (-\infty , 3)
(I've been waiting a while to do that)

EDIT: Hey Doom - your e-mail address is in a box somewhere. If somebody notices Doom afoot, pass him this way would you? Thanks!

PPPS - Thanks for the comments - I'll see what I can do. Time to pack up and move out . . .

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