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Why do I want to keep writing it "lj-cute"?

In no particular order (or, well, not the right order)

  1. Font de-uglification on computer.

  2. Get printer working - print things what need printing (CD covers, threat index poster, poems, etc.)

  3. Get Apache, Mplayer, XMMS, Sylpheed, and Gaim all up to speed and working correctly.

  4. Download E2 server code and nodeballs. (See? I'm still thinking, eh!)

  5. Re-write the /etc/skel scripts for Boole - see if the pre-Pentium (as yet without a name) even boots. Think about fixing it.

  6. EMusic Emusic Emusic!

  7. Submit application to the new apartment we found

  8. Cook the stuff we bought today, as needed

  9. Give away big-ass bag of computer-related culch to some lucky guy/gal/set of people.

  10. See people before they leave (but most of y'all are already gone, it seems)

  11. Get the damn car fixed (don't know when)

  12. Finish sorting through CD's - sell the crufty ones

  13. Finish sorting through books - sell the redundant ones

  14. Make Visible Progress on Capstone

  15. Make Visible Progress on Tom's Program

  16. Organize the books in the "reading queue" into something approachable

  17. CD Back-ups and data transfers

  18. First steps on Master Plan(s)

  19. Find out if Aaron wants the first dozen issues of Pyramid magazine, and make him the CD of RoboRally stuff you promised him, like, three months ago.

  20. Finish mixing Underwriting the Apocalypse, Volumes II and III


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