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Don't listen to In Case you Didn't Feel Like Showing Up on repeat at work. Just not a good idea, really - but it will help you meet your daily documents quota before lunch. Yeah- definitely need a new job, and there's an interesting prospect on the horizon. Cross fingers, eh?

Another master plan is in the works, but it's a little hush-hush (it's egotistical in the extreme, and will most likely not actually happen in reality, but only in theory). Will need a few people to okay it before I can go ahead. And if people still want to play Assassin (Hey Elias!), I can lend you the book from SJ Games, Killer, which has all the variants. We played the "Circle of Death" variant.

Spend a little time (if you don't normally, and have a little time to spend) and read some of the most recent stories at K5. I can't just post all the links - it would be silly.

I'm thinking about y'all - really I am. I'll be at a coffee place tomorrow - Bimulous? CJ is looking to make AFG his new hang-out, after now (and officially) being kick-banned from Cahoot's. So, uh - how about Cahoot's tomorrow? Join the party? I can provide the army car?

And now, Koko, the Amazing Prime Number-Shitting Bear.

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