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I'm a DJ - My Head is Up My Ass

So, I was writing and listening and watching (etc.) during the dance last night, because people who could not be in attendance wanted to know how y'all did. I was also too tired to dance (much) and had a splitting headache. If you don't want to read what I think, then don't read it. I'm trying to be as positive as I can while still remaining constructive. I also don't have any specific comments for Abaddon's set, since my mind had totally abandoned my body to the Material plane, in search of PSP's or some shit.

General Comments

I will still be telling people about this in four years. It was good. Like - really, really good. I don't know how much planning was involved between the three of you, but your styles had enough homogeneity to be un-startling (smooth) and enough heterogenity to be non-monotonous (I think, lively). (So I can only think in negatives tonight? WHAT!?) There was a definite flow from one to the next, without jarring. People who normally don't dance, dance. People who never dance, well, they didn't, but that's not your fault. And people looked like they were getting into it so much that they didn't care how tired they got, and just enjoyed themselves.

As a general rule, I usually stay away from break-beat and metal - I only throw it in when I think the audience will actually dance to it. Because back when I started dj-ing, if I played a metal track, everyone would get off the floor. There was a lot of metal last night - and everybody kept dancing. So yeah - everything I ever said about people not dancing to metal? Yeah, that doesn't count anymore.

And if I say anything negative, it's a nitpick. We've all seen Hackers - there was nothing "universally stupid" last night. There is a difference between "makes my dick soft (or not)" and "very solid and mind-shatteringly/pants-wettingly awesome". That may make no sense except to me. So, yeah. Nobody made one of the classic blunders, like killing the CD player in the middle of a track (like I've done about a dozen times) or starting a land war in Asia, or playing "Come to Daddy". (oops)

Oh, and if you think I have no right to say anything to these people, to offer some constructive criticism, shut your fucking hole.

These Woods Are Mine

Since this be your first set (arr), I only made notes on the transitions. We had a conversation about the tracks you picked out - and the crowd done dug them. I so didn't believe that the Linkin Park people would come out of the woodwork, but come out they did.

Everybody knows that the transitions are the hardest thing to do, aside from picking the music in the first place. But you seem to have done a good job at that. So, the transitions:

1->2 Nice and simple
2->3 Slightly abrupt in speed and style
3->4 Slick, very slick
4->5 Beat change felt a while in coming (kind of a lull), but not bad - the dancers seemed to capitalize on it
5->6 Yeah - that was sweet
6->7 Minor speed issues, but very nice
7->8 Nothing to complain about
8->9 Impressive!
9->10 Cute transition, but could be shorter (and I mean cute in a good way, eh?)
10->11 Yeah, um, this transition was bad-ass
12->13 Good, Solid
I lost count after 13. Sorry :(

Millions of Puppies - puppies for you. Wow - they absolutely loved that one. And I didn't expect that many people to know it, let alone how to dance to it. You need to put stickers on Cole and Colleen for their "Monster Stalks Innocent Girl" dance - it was brilliant. And it would not have happened without you ;)

The World We Leave Behind

"Send Me an Angel" was my favorite song of last night. Thank you so, so much.

On "Weapon of Choice", the soundbytes are almost too in-sync with the registers of the song. Since WOC has a really grainy sound quality, it was almost too difficult to know that there was soundbyting going on if you didn't know beforehand that that was the case. I don't think it's necessarily your mixing skills to blame on this one - I just think WOC is a difficult song to add things to, since there is constant noise on every register almost all the time. Consider deepening the \____/ fades for the soundbytes, if you think they are aboslutely necessary. I think it was wickedly clever (even knowing ahead of time), but I don't know if it's entirely necessary). Also - see following about soundbytes.

There was not a transition in your set that I can recall jarring me out of just listening - while I take issue with some of the pacing (it seemed awfully fast for a middle set), the fact that you still had a crowd standing at the end of your and Devin's sets takes most of the wind out of the sails on that one. It was, like, a silky-smooth nylon between almost all of them. Good work, yo.

The soundbytes seem a bit loud, like on my last set, "Salva Nos", where they made the actual track sound softer because of how loud they were. (If you don't believe me, listen to "Come to Daddy") Cam has told me how to fix this before, and it usually just involves mixing the soundbytes into the track on its own, and then adjusting the volume of the track afterwards. And yes, our speakers fucking suck - that tweeter will always make dialogue sound like ass, unless the dialogue is super-bassy, and then it will just be difficult to interpret. We need new speakers - but it will sound great on headphones.

The SOD track was totally dug by everyone I could see that dances. I would never have believed it possible, but there was some serious thrashing. The intro track for this seemed to help a lot, but I can offer no more concrete explanations.

As usual, if you want some clarification, some more specific questions answered, or such, give me a call or post here. And if you want to bitch me out, that's fine too. I'm just trying to help.

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